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TOUCH ME UNTIL IT HURTS // a mix for dysfunctional lovers; for scratches down your back, bruises on your hips, and a savage kiss on your lips [listen] [download]

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to anyone who cares about labels a lot and has been struggling w finding gender, romantic, and sexual orientation labels that fit for u

its always okay to test out labels, whether u have to test out 2 labels before u find the one that fits for u at that moment, or if u have to test out 30

and if ur label changes and no longer fits completely right, it never delegitimizes the label or that part of ur life, and its okay. orientations can be incredibly fluid and that Never takes away from the legitimacy of it

its okay to test out different things and to find what u feel comfy w, and its okay to not feel like u need labels, or to feel like u do need them

u dont have to be 100% sure about something before u try it out, and its okay to test it out and find it just wasn’t the right fit,

these things sometimes take a bunch of time before u do find the one for u, and that’s completely okay, even if it does get stressful and upsetting at times when that occurs





Fleetwood Mac | ‘Dreams’ 

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ilu tooooooooooooo

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genuinely upset by that scallison gifset tbh

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make me choose: hannibal or how to get away with murder [asked by rhllors]